Mergers and acquisitions

We have a long and successful history of dealing with mergers and acquisitions. Specialist lawyers working from our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht provide support and expert guidance on the purchase and sale of businesses, where necessary calling on the expertise of other professionals like accountants, tax experts or corporate financial advisors. We can also advise on the structuring of joint ventures and management buy-outs and buy-ins.

Our activities include the carrying out of due diligence investigations and the conduct of negotiations with other parties to a transaction. Our investigations will result in a clear, concise and solutions-oriented report, enabling you to act immediately if you so decide. We can also handle all the documentation relating to the transaction. We frequently act as legal advisors in connection with acquistions in an international context, making use of our worldwide network of contacts.

The client's interests have a central role in all our organisation's activities. Our approach to mergers and acquisitions is pragmatic and efficient, with a focus on continuity where the legal, fiscal and financial aspects are concerned.

As well as take-overs and mergers we also have considerable experience in legal proceedings relating to the disputes which can be generated by a merger or acquisition.

Contact us if you need additional information or advice on your individual circumstances. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an exploratory discussion, without obligation.

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Our specialists

Juriaan Maccow, RotterdamSanne de Graaff, RotterdamDavid Visscher, RotterdamElif Barioglu, RotterdamXander Alders, RotterdamCaro Mennen, Amsterdam

Acquisition of TechMatch by Continu Group

We acted as legal advisor to Continu Group, one of the companies within House of HR, in connection with the acquisition of TechMatch. TechMatch is a technical staff agency that recruits personnel for the sectors mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, building engineering, automotive, logistics and process engineering.

Acquisition Felix Clercx by Forestia

In this transaction, we advised Forestia, a French group of companies specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of landscaping products, in connection with the acquisition of Handelsonderneming van Felix Clercx B.V., a family business from Brabant and important player in the field of wood- and construction material trade within Western Europe.

Participation in Pandriks Holding by Rinkelberg Capital

In this transaction, we carried out the legal due diligence for Rinkelberg Capital Limited, a London based private wealth management firm, in connection with their participation in Pandriks Holding B.V., which is one of the fastest growing bakery’s in Europe for over the past years.

Acquisition Disma travel agencies by TUI

We have advised TUI Nederland N.V. in connection with the acquisition of the Disma travel agencies in Noord-Brabant from the seller Disma Reizen Beheer B.V.

Acquisition Reftrade Holding

We acted as legal advisor to the French company Groupe Petit Forestier, the European market leader in the field of rental of cooling systems, in connection with the acquisition of Reftrade Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries from the seller Liaixon Investments B.V.

Acquisition VNOM by Covebo

We acted as legal advisor to Accent Covebo Group B.V., one of the companies within House of HR, in connection with the acquisition of all shares in its industry peer VNOM Project- & Interimmanagement B.V., a technical staff agency in Rotterdam.

Acquisition Robopharma by Capsa

We acted as legal advisor to the owners of NewRobo Development B.V. and its subsidiaries (known as Robopharma) in connection with the sale to the US based company Capsa Healthcare. RoboPharma is Dutch market leader in the field of pharmacy automation.

Majority interest in United Fresh Services by Compagnie Fruitière Paris

In this transaction, we advised the French company Compagnie Fruitière Paris in connection with their acquisition of a majority stake in United Fresh Services B.V., a company that is focused on fruit ripening and trading. Compagnie Fruitière Paris belongs to Compagnie Fruitière Group which is a leading producer of fruits, specialised in the production, transport and distribution of fruit and vegetables.