About Pellicaan

Pellicaan Advocaten is a progressive legal practice with lawyers and legal assistants. The level of commitment within the team is exemplary. We act both as legal partners and as a 'listening ear' for our clients. Our objective is to bring clarity to complex issues, allowing our clients to pursue their commercial goals.

The various disciplines within our ranks can be engaged individually or as a select team. From an advisory role, we offer our client a solution that minimizes the chance of a dispute. In the first instance, we will try to prevent a dispute with preventive measures. If a dispute cannot be avoided, we will assist you in legal proceedings.


Contact us if you need additional information or advice on your individual circumstances. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an exploratory discussion.

Pellicaan Advocaten has offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Pellicaan Advocaten N.V. is registered at the Trade of Commerce, number 24442282.

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions apply to the work carried out by Pellicaan Advocaten. You can download these conditions here.

Pellicaan Advocaten recognizes the importance of clients working with budgets and is aware of the costs involved in obtaining legal advice and/or conducting legal proceedings. In consultation arrangements can be made about the way of invoicing.

Client satisfaction

Pellicaan Advocaten values the satisfaction of our clients. Our firm will do everything in its power to provide you with the best possible service. Nevertheless, it is possible that you are dissatisfied with a certain aspect of our services. If you are dissatisfied with the formation and execution of a contract, the quality of our services or the amount of the invoice, we request that you first present your objections to your own lawyer. However, you can also contact the complaints officer of our office, Mrs. Y. Lagendijk, by sending an email or letter to the executive secretary/office manager of our office, Mrs. C.G.M. van Willigen (carolien.vanwilligen@pellicaan.nl).

Our firm handles a complaint according to a procedure that is described in our firm complaints procedure and which is declared applicable to all contracts of engagement entered into with clients. You can request it from your own lawyer or from Mrs C.G.M. van Willigen. In consultation with you, we will try to find a solution to the problem that has arisen as quickly as possible. We will always confirm this solution to you in writing. You can expect our written response to your complaint within four weeks. If we unexpectedly have to deviate from this deadline, we will inform you of this in good time, stating the reason and the period within which you can expect a response from us.

If you have a complaint and let us know, we greatly appreciate it. You can be assured that we include all valid complaints in the evaluation of our office and that we will do our utmost to prevent a possible repetition.

Our firm is a member of the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur, www.degeschillencommissie.nl).