Contract law is a legal field which every business needs to deal with. This area of law covers agreements of all kinds reached by business partners on a daily basis, dealing with such matters as the rules applicable to the drafting of order agreements, sales contracts or subcontracting agreements.

Businesses are frequently confronted with questions like:

  • When can I terminate a contract made for an indeterminate period?
  • If the other party fails to pay up, when will he be liable to pay interest and costs?
  • What exactly are the rules when both my company and the other party to a contract have declared that our General Terms and Conditions apply?
  • Can I escape from a contract, after agreeing to embark on some enterprise with another party?
  • And what can I do if my counter-party is declared bankrupt and I have outstanding claims against them?

These are difficult and time-consuming questions which can have far-reaching consequences if not properly resolved.

Pellicaan Advocaten are specialists in commercial law, assisting businesses in the drafting and evaluation of contracts and General Terms and Condition. We can provide advice and initiate legal proceedings on your behalf, always taking a pragmatic approach and freeing you up to deal with the area where your true competence lies, namely the running of your business.

Contact us if you need additional information or advice on your individual circumstances. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an exploratory discussion, without obligation.

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