Temporary employment

Maximal flexibility at a minimal cost price. That of course is the objective of many temp and contract recruitment agencies and payroll businesses, but it has not proved to be an easy goal to achieve. Businesses in the temporary manpower sector are faced with a mountain of legislation and a multiplicity of checks and demands for certification, all of which makes it difficult to stay ahead of the competition while remaining within the constraints of the law.

Pellicaan Advocaten have years of experience in the temporary employment sector and have an unmatched understanding of the problems sketched out above. We are ideally placed not only to monitor your compliance with the legislation but also to advise you on the optimalisation of your operational processes and the minimisation of your cost price. We advise and inform on topics like:

  • Striking the ideal balance between temp agreements and contract staffing agreements;
  • Selection of the appropriate collective labour agreement, sectoral categorisation and pension scheme, including the associated cost price calculations.
  • Identification of cost savings potentially achievable through restructuring of activities;
  • Applications (with retrospective effect) for youth employment subsidies, mobility bonuses, placement fees and training vouchers (for both foreign and native agency staff);
  • Cross-border secondment structures, including the trade-off of Extra-territorial costs and the drawing up of the associated cost price calculations;
  • Opportunities associated with contracting for work;

At Pellicaan Advocaten we are also well positioned to support you as you implement our recommendations, while avoiding the creation of organisational problems. So you are not left merely with a pile of recommendations on paper, instead the desired changes are actually achieved in practice. The result is an optimalised operation, with the assurance that you are running the tightest possible ship, while remaining safely within the limits set down in legislation.

Over the years we have found that we have been able to provide virtually every new contact with immediately applicable recommendations with potential cost savings. Interested to see what Pellicaan Advocaten could mean for you? Contact us and we would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an exploratory discussion, without obligation.

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