Jeroen Belderok

Jeroen (J.) Belderok specialises in labour law and particularly in advising temporary employment agencies, secondment agencies, payroll companies and hirers of flexible labour in the area of temporary employment law or flex law. Jeroen is an expert, down-to-earth and professional lawyer who likes to unburden his clients in all areas. In doing so Jeroen works together with the specialists of Mazars.

In December 2015 Jeroen started working at Pellicaan Advocaten in Rotterdam as a legal assistant. In February 2017 Jeroen was sworn in as a lawyer, where he is involved in labour law in the broadest sense of the word, such as individual and collective dismissal law, but specialises in particular in temporary employment law or flex law.

In carrying out his work, Jeroen distinguishes himself through his analytical abilities, and he brings - if and insofar as necessary - the necessary structure to the files he handles. In addition, Jeroen always aims for the maximum result.

Please contact Jeroen Belderok if you need employment or temporary employment law legal advice, or if you would like to spar about a legal issue.


Jeroen is specialised in:

- labour law;
- temporary employment law or flex law.

Jeroen has completed the vocational training course in the legal profession (Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur). In order to maintain his knowledge and expand his network, he is a member of (inter alia) the VRAA. Jeroen completed the bachelor's degree in law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After his bachelor's degree, Jeroen completed a master's degree in labour law and a master's degree in business law.


Some of Jeroen's recent cases:

  • Supervising the dismissal of 19 employees for an employer who was in dire straits.
  • For various temporary employment organizations, Jeroen prepared the necessary documentation (temporary employment agreements, hiring agreements, general conditions, etc.) and provided these organizations with advice in various areas

Jeroen has registered the following legal area in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Labour law

This registration obliges him to obtain ten continous education points each calendar year in this registered area of law, according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.


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