Checklist reorganizations

15 June 2020

Pellicaan Attorneys-at-law have prepared a reorganization checklist. Please find the checklist here.

Most important steps of a reorganization in the Netherlands

If your organization is faced with the need to save costs due to the corona crisis, the checklist will get you started. The checklist shows the most important steps of a reorganization in the Netherlands at a glance. You can do part of the preparatory work yourself, where necessary or desired Pellicaan Attorneys-at-law can assist your organization. We can guide you through the entire reorganization process.

NOW 2.0

In view of the fact that the NOW 2.0 regulation for wage subsidy no longer imposes a fine on dismissal after the UWV procedure where fewer than 20 employees are concerned, a reorganization is possible while receiving a NOW subsidy. Therefore, even if you receive the NOW 2.0 subsidy, you can submit a dismissal application for <20 employees to the UWV, without penalty, in the event of economic reasons. In case you have to lay off more than 20 employees, a fine of 5% on the wages of those employees will be deducted from the final subsidy.


Our employment law team is happy to think along with you without obligation and if desired we can assist you with the reorganization. We work with a fixed fee. The price depends on your wishes and the size of the reorganization.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.