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Privacy is a topic that is important to an increasing number of people. Every organisation has to deal with it; whether it is about properly marketing your product or service and/or guaranteeing the privacy of your employees. It is impossible to imagine business operations without this subject.

At the European level, the rules in the area of privacy have been laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR contains numerous obligations that companies and organisations that process personal data must take into account. When the collection and processing of personal data does not comply with the regulations, the supervisory authority (the Dutch Data Protection Authority) can impose heavy fines. In addition, it can generate negative publicity.

We would like to help you on your way with a flyer in which the most important topics from the GDPR are dealt with in a simple and clear manner. With the help of the flyer you can determine what your position is and whether certain obligations could also apply to you.

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Our services

The privacy lawyers at Pellicaan Advocaten will be pleased to help you with the various (legal) issues that arise in this field. We offer various services to help you comply with the GDPR and (if relevant) other sector-specific regulations. What can you expect?

Pragmatic advice on your position, policy and do's and don'ts in the context of privacy legislation and regulations.

Designing and recording privacy policies. This also includes specific (privacy) policies for your employees in documents such as staff manuals, user agreements for communication tools (laptops, tablets, mobile phones), data leakage protocols, etc.

Drafting various documents that enable you to meet your obligations, such as a processing agreement with suppliers or your customers, privacy statements, disclaimers and cookie statements.

Assessing documents (e.g. a processing agreement) that are submitted to you or legal aspects of risk mitigation measures, such as requirements to be set for suppliers, cybersecurity insurance, possibilities of software vs. obligations under the GDPR, etc.

Finally, you can also reach out to us in case of need for 'damage control'. This includes (the reporting of) data breaches, assessment of liability risks and claim possibilities, conducting legal proceedings on privacy-related matters and communication with the Personal Data Authority in those cases.

As a result, you avoid the risk of violating laws and regulations, damage to your image, fines and the like. In addition, you will be able to make optimal use of the opportunities and advantages of the data you collect.


Would you like more information or do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to contact one of the lawyers specialised in privacy law. The members of our privacy team are Elif Barioglu, Caro Mennen, Xander Alders and Lisanne Wigboldus.

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