Pension law

A carefree financial future is of inestimable value. Failure to make proper pension arrangements can have serious consequences, which may become insoluble if the situation is allowed to continue until pension age is reached. We can support you in securing satisfactory pension provision for yourself and your company employees.

There are financial and fiscal as well as legal aspects to a sound pension arrangement. At Pellicaan Advocaten we specialise in civil pension law and the provision of support and advice in this area:

  • we can advise on the complex issues that can arise during take-overs and mergers in relation to the existing pension schemes adopted by the businesses involved and their staff;
  • we can evaluate Pension Agreements, Implementation Agreements, the associated pension schemes and the various terms and conditions governing them;
  • we can assist with the implementation of amendments to existing pension schemes;
  • we can provide detailed analyses of pension-related queries and conflicts;
  • we can carry out a legal analysis of your problem and provide advice prior to the instigation of proceedings;
  • We can liaise with other specialists involved in your pension arrangements, such as actuaries, financial pension advisors and tax consultants.

As well as employers, Pellicaan Advocaten clients include pensioners and employees facing problems with their pensions.

Contact us if you need additional information or advice on your individual circumstances. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an exploratory discussion, without obligation.

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