Paul van Ravenzwaaij

After a carrier with several insurance companies Paul van Ravenzwaaij has started his own advisory practice in 1997. In the past 25 years Paul has gained a lot of experience in the field of pension advising. He has a solid knowledge of the fiscal side  as well as the legal side of pension. Combined with a good level of actuarial arithmetic and a lot of experience with how pension providers work makes him a favorite conversation partner for employees.

Paul is connected as teacher to several Pension Courses and he helps pension advisors and employee of pension provider to keep up their knowledge. He has completed both the Pension Academy and the study Master of Arts in Pension and Life Assurance (MPLA).

The past nine years he was a partner at an accounting firm where he was responsible for the pension advice department. He has helped several companies in their discussion with an industry-wide pension fund and he has helped a lot of companies with the transition of their pension scheme over the past. Also several Works Councils benefitted from his knowledge.

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