Paul van Ravenzwaaij

In the past 25 years Paul van Ravenzwaaij has gained a very broad experience in the field of pensions. He has diverse expertise on both the tax and legal aspects. The combination of actuarial knowledge and extensive experience with the operation of pension providers makes him the ideal partner for employers. Employers therefore frequently approach Paul for advice. For example, because they have a discussion about the scope of an industry-wide pension fund. Or because they want to change an existing pension plan and do not want to run any legal risks in the future.

In mergers and acquisitions, Paul is regularly involved as an expert to assess the pension risks during the due diligence process and to advise on the harmonization of different pension schemes after the acquisition. Sometimes a pension problem only becomes apparent after the acquisition and he advises on possible solutions.

Paul has successfully completed both the Pension Academy and the Master of Arts in Pension and Life Assurances (MPLA) studies. He has been a lecturer at various pension courses for over 20 years and publishes regularly in various professional journals and via blogs on LinkedIn and the Pellicaan Advocaten website.


  • Restructuring pension after reorganization, it appeared after a reorganization within a group of companies that almost half of the employees were administrated with the wrong pension fund. This was rectified without any loss for the employer and employees.
  • Preventing bankruptcy of a company, the pension fund had filed for bankruptcy because no premiums were paid while, in fact, the employer had a claim on the fund. By putting the administration in order, bankruptcy was prevented.
  • Preventing that a pension fund forced an employer to participate, the pension fund had the opinion that the business activities fell within their scope, while this was not actually the case given the ratio between all activities. After objecting to the affiliation, the fund revised its position.
  • Group of 15 employees assisted in their discussion with employer about unilateral change of pension scheme, employer changed pension scheme without employees' consent and threatened to exclude employees if they did not agree. After contacting the employer, employees were correctly compensated and agreed to the change.

Paul van Ravenzwaaij has associated himself with Pellicaan Advocaten through his company Van Ravenzwaaij Pensioenadviseurs B.V.

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