ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is simply put sustainable entrepreneurship. Policies within the context of ESG must take into account all stakeholders involved in the company (like employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers, the society and climate impact). These policies must be included in the management report and will be audited (whether or not in due course).

ESG team

Pellicaan Lawyers has a team of ESG specialists, which, in collaboration with Mazars' specialists, can provide support on all issues you face as a business owner.

Among other things, we can help with:

  • advising and reporting on legal developments;
  • drafting and formulating sustainability policies (e.g. based on SDG goals) and sustainable decision-making;
  • impact assessment / ESG legal scan;
  • audits (flex, working conditions, WAS, safety, governance, etc.);
  • setting up right employee conditions (green working conditions, WAS analysis);
  • advising on sustainable governance and board report content;
  • advising on dealing with data, IT and cybersecurity;
  • ESG due diligence;
  • check for compliance with ESG-related regulations (in addition to the CSRD and CSDD, consider the AVG, Transparent and Predictable Terms of Employment Act, Corporate Governance Code, etc.);
  • seminars / in-house courses.

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