Floris Asscher

Floris (F.G.) Asscher joined Pellicaan Advocaten on March 1st, 2011. He has studied Dutch law at University of Amsterdam (UvA). In 2018, Floris has successfully completed the postgraduate law degree Grotius Employment law (cum laude).

At Pellicaan Advocaten Floris has a focus on employee participation matters (works councils), dismissal cases (collective dismissal and individual cases), the drafting and reviewing of employment agreements and conflict resolution concerning  (but not limited to) non – competition and business relationship clauses, confidentiality, et cetera. Floris provides legal advice and is litigator and assists both employers and employees.

Floris regularly publishes on employment law and works council matters. For SDU Opmaat Floris contributed to the reference guide SDU Memo + Employment law, for which he was author of the memorandum 'Working hours', which has also been used for the book ‘How does the (new) employment law work?’ Floris has also cooperated with popular publications concerning employment law in national newspapers and magazines.

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